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An Approach to Empower Adolescent Individuals and Promote Better Health

Adolescents are likely to experience various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating issues, substance abuse, and ADHD. So, instilling healthy behaviors among adolescents will ensure that they carry the same behavior into their adulthood. It will have a significant impact on the lifelong health of the individuals.

The adolescent health care providers focus on assessing as well as managing the acute illnesses of the individuals. They also diagnose the chronic illnesses of the individuals and refer them to the appropriate specialists to ensure the best outcomes. We collaborate and work closely with the mental health practitioners like psychologists and psychiatrists to deliver quality mental health care services.

Adolescent individuals also come across issues relating to puberty, such as acne, hygiene, body image, and menstruation. The adolescent health care providers provide appropriate counselling and help them deal with these issues better. They also require reproductive health care services that mainly include gynaecological care, birth control management and counselling, evaluation of sexually transmitted infection, and testing and treatment. Injury management and sports physical are other health care services that adolescent individuals require.

The health issues faced by adolescents can be very distressing at times. Availing treatment can help in improving the health outcomes and providing them with peace of mind. Adolescents with physical or mental issues must visit health care professionals and undergo several tests. The professionals will evaluate the emotional and physical concerns to avail the right treatment.

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Why Adolescent health is important?

The transition of individuals from childhood into adulthood is a tough period. Adolescents refer to young individuals between the ages of 10 years to 19 years old.Adolescence is divided into 3 stages, including early adolescence (11 to 14 years), middle adolescence (15 to 17 years), and late adolescence (18 to 21 years). During this period, vital growth happens that can have a significant impact on the mind and body of adolescents. Adolescents experience transition in different domains, including emotional, physical, cognitive, social, and intellectual. The body under goes hormonal fluctuations, that can result in mood swings among adolescents. The fast-paced development of adolescent individuals may even bring about a significant change in their behaviors and give rise to the mental health issue. The healthy development of adolescents is important for optimum well-being. Adolescence is the right time for the development and solidification of healthy habits among individuals.

Health Issues of Adolescent Individuals

The health issues suffered by adolescents differ from individual to individual. The most common health issues include:

Signs and Symptoms of Potential Issues

Adolescents go through various changes during the transition period. The signs and symptoms indicate the presence of a serious health condition that needs to be addressed at the earliest. The most common signs and symptoms to watch out for includes: