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Avail High Quality Central Line Insertion Services for a Pain-free Experience

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What is Central Line Insertion?

Central line insertion, also known as, central line placement or central venous catheter, is a medical procedure in which a catheter is inserted in a centrally located large vein. The vein may be present in the arm, shoulder, neck, or leg. The procedure is mainly used to deliver long-term intravenous care to patients.

The central line helps in carrying fluids and medicines into the bloodstreams of the patients. The most common uses of the central line include providing treatments like chemotherapy, medications, blood transfusions, and drawing of blood. The central line also aids in delivering nutrients to the body to treat a certain medical condition.

The central line insertion is beneficial for both the patients and the healthcare providers. In the situation when a patient requires receiving fluids through the intravenous catheter for a long time or there is a need for ongoing blood monitoring, central line insertions help in avoiding multiple pokes. It prevents the patients from experiencing irritation during the long period of care. From the perspective of the healthcare providers, central line insertion allows ensuring optimum comfort of the patients and makes it easier for them to provide the care services.

Benefits of Central Line Insertion
Indications for Central Line Insertion

The central line insertion procedure is performed by experienced and trained healthcare professionals. Before the central line insertion procedure begins, the healthcare professionals will recommend you to avoid certain medications, foods, and drinks. You may have to undergo certain essential medical tests before the procedure begins. The steps that will be followed by the healthcare professional to carefully insert the central line are:

After the completion of the central line insertion procedure, you will be taken to the recovery area. You will be kept under close observation of the healthcare professionals for some time. When you return home, you may feel a little uncomfortable for nearly one to two days. Make sure to rest your arm completely for at least one day. Avoid engaging in weight lifting or excess movement of your arms. It is important to keep the site covered in order to prevent the site from getting wet while taking showers.

In case you experience issues such as fever, excess pain in the central line insertion site, swelling of the insertion site, and heavy bleeding that soaks the dressing, consult your healthcare professional at the earliest.