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Fertility Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology treatment of Acme Hospitals

Currently, several couples are facing several problems getting a child. In our hospital, we provide treatment for fertility, obstetrics and gynecology. Our gynecologist, Dr Neelam Milind Bhise, helps every woman by providing proper treatment for their pregnancy. By using the latest treatment options, our specialists also treat the fertility problem of both men and women. In our hospital, we treat several disorders of the patients' fertility. We use medication, surgery and other treatments to solve all the problems related to fertility.

Further, we also treat sperm disorder, ovulatory dysfunction, Tubal dysfunction and pelvic lesions in our hospital.

Some fertility tests provided by us
Ovulation testing

We provide ovulation testing facilities to the patients to check with the ovulation period for successful conception. People now mostly use testing kits for pregnancy, but we adopt the blood test and other procedures to see a woman's ovulation. After getting the results, our gynecologist provides specific treatment to the woman. We also check different hormone levels to know about the chances of successful pregnancy.


In our hospital, we use the latest equipment for this test. We detect the inside of a woman's uterus with the help of this test. The test reveals the current condition of fallopian tubes and give a view if there is a part or complete blockage.

Ovarian reserve testing

We also test the egg quantity and quality of a woman with the help of ovarian reserve testing.

Other hormone testing

In our hospital, we also test several hormones to detect fertility problems. Using several advanced testing methods, we notice the issue of both men's and women's fertility.

Imaging tests

We also provide imaging testing to detect the problem inside the uterus.