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Internal Medicine

Medical science has developed a lot more in this 21st century, and now we can even treat cancer as a severe disease. The internist who treats the patient with internal medicine should be skilled and highly experienced. We usually give internal medicine treatment to those people who have already suffered from multi-system diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, or any infection. This treatment is generally provided for adults only.

Normally adults need more care as they have multiple diseases. For example, a person needs treatment for his broken bone, and then he may also need treatment on blood pressure and any infection. We are experts with multiple treatment services with several medical and surgical specialties, such as orthopedic surgery, hospice care, oncology, etc.

We provide 24x7 medical consultation service, and we always give priority to the emergency department. We have a larger number of internal medicine staff compared to another department. Our main goal is to provide the best treatment that a patient needs by combining the latest technology medicine with thoughtful consideration.

The same inpatient internist is in charge of your care throughout your hospital stay. Your care begins with a preoperative evaluation, continues with an immediate postoperative assessment, and may involve daily visits while in the hospital, as well as the postoperative outpatient medical follow-up, if necessary.

The internal medicine department is a part of our Acme Hospitals. The doctors work freely with their co-staffs, nurses, and all other members to give you a safe and effective medical service. This is a combined diagnosis, treatment, and relief from those diseases.

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Here at Acme Hospitals, you will get a well-trained, experienced team of doctors who gives the best care and service.