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Various Orthopedics Spine Surgery options of Acme Hospitals

For patients suffering from spinal discomfort, we offer different spinal surgeries. Our special surgery facility will help every person to cure their spine problem. Our experts, Dr Kunal Shah, Dr Om Parshuram Patil, Dr Sumeet Pawar and Dr Sameer Ruparel, get special training for spine surgery. Before proceeding for treatment, our experts examine the whole problem of the patient and advise surgery and therapy accordingly. The patient will quickly recover from spine surgery with our unique care facilities. Here are some of our surgery options described below.

Our specialist takes care of children who have cancer until they become 20. We help the parents by providing special treatment for their child for cancer diagnosis. Our doctors examine the children and provide treatment according to that. In some cases, our doctor also advises surgery to remove the damaged tissues and tumors from children to prevent cancer.


Our specialists are removing herniated disc material that presses the nerves or spinal cord from the patient’s spine. This surgery is a decompressive type of surgery.

Laminectomy/ laminotomy

We also provide laminectomy surgery facilities to the patients. By opening in the posterior elements of the spine and their size, we help the patients to cure their problems.

Spinal decompression and fusion

Our specialists take pressure off of “pinched” nerves and the spinal cord to stabilize the spine in this surgery process. In this procedure, the pressure is relieved, and the spine is stabilized. With special care, we offer this treatment to the patients.

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

This surgery is specially performed in the back of the spine. We offer this treatment in some special cases.