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Orthoscope Sports Medicine & Treatment At Acme Hospitals

In the cases of sports people, they face many injuries. So Acme Hospitals offers excellent treatment facilities for them. Our orthoscope sports and medicine department help the sports person to cure their injuries quickly. With the help of specialist Dr KASTUBH DURVE, our hospital provides various treatment facilities for athletes. With the help of MRI and Ct scan reports, our specialists choose treatment options for sports persons. We provide treatments like ligament tears, meniscus tears, fractures, strains, torn tendons, and even joint dislocations for athletes. Here are some other remedies provided by us

Various surgery options provided by us

According to the condition of the sportsman, we offer some surgeries. Here is the list of surgeries we provide.

Common surgeries :

Arthroscopic repair or reconstruction of an Anterior Cruciate ligament surgery option is provided for patients. We also offer patients other common surgeries like Posterior Cruciate Ligament, Meniscal cartilages, and articular cartilage surgery.

Knee surgeries :

Additionally, we also provide knee surgeries like Arthroscopic repair of Bankart’s lesion, Labral tears and Rotator cuff tears surgery.

Shoulder surgeries :

Our specialists also help people by providing different shoulder surgeries. These are Partial and Total Knee joint replacement, Shoulder joint replacement, High tibial osteotomy and other knee deformity surgeries, and open ligament reconstructions. All these treatments help sportspeople to cure their injuries quickly.