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Pediatric Oncology Department Of Acme Hospitals

You can also get treatment facilities in Acme Hospitals to cure cancer in children or teens. This unique department is called the Paediatric Oncology department. Our child and cancer specialists in this department, Dr Nilesh Shah and Dr Prashant Joshi provide various treatment options to the patients. Our pediatric oncologists are also helping in hematologic or treating the blood disorder of children.

Our specialist takes care of children who have cancer until they become 20. We help the parents by providing special treatment for their child for cancer diagnosis. Our doctors examine the children and provide treatment according to that. In some cases, our doctor also advises surgery to remove the damaged tissues and tumors from children to prevent cancer.

Treatments provided by our expert Pediatric Oncologist


We help the children by giving them special chemical therapy to cure cancer of any part of the body.


We also provide Immunotherapy to cancer patients.

Radiation therapy

We carefully provide radiation treatment to the children to prevent cancer.

Stem cell transplants

In some special cases, we also provide the treatment of stem cell transplants for children and teens.


We use various surgery options to remove cancer-causing tumors from the brain and other parts of the body.

Other targeted therapies

According to the medical reports, we also provide other necessary treatments to the patients.