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Psychiatric Psychiatric is a part of medical science which deals with the mental and behavioral health units. The psychiatrist can treat many types of mental problems, including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Mostly they treat mental health by medication with different types of psychotherapy. Sometimes people feel lonely and their ability to cope the daily activities breaks down. They feel confusion and fear to start a new beginning. This mental situation makes them to be different from other like in dark and alone. Only Psychiatry department can understand their mental situation by helping them to overcome this situation.

At Acme Hospitals our Psychiatry branch is with the latest technology and skilled, experienced professionals. Their experiences help to simplify critical situations and give the best treatment to heal all the mental illness.

The good infrastructure and the experienced team mutually provide the best service, counselling with proper diet plan which help you to relax your brain muscles to move for next treatment process.

Role of Psychiatrists:

Psychiatrist is a hospital profession whose main role is to cure mental health. They can understand both health and mental condition of every patient. There are different kind of mental illness on which psychiatrist gives treatment. We are offering the best treatment and care for types of conditions. A wide range of advance treatment are providing to different type of diseases.

Types of psychotic disorders:
1. Schizophrenia:

This type of mental disorder mostly deals with the person who have no control on thinks, act and emotions. This is a kind of situation that patient may hear any voices that may actually not exist. This is a life-long disease and need a long time of procedure to overcome this.

2. Bipolar illness:

This is a type of like mood disturbance. In this bipolar illness the person has no control on his/her mood. It changes regularly in a short period of time.

3. Delusional disorder:

This type of disorder makes a person to create a strong beliefs on particular things which actually not exist.

4. Drug-included psychosis:

The person who takes drugs like cocaine or alcohol regularly for a long time. They have more weakness to those particular things. Then some situations appear like angriness, memory loss or confusion.

What we provide?

We are with excellent trained professionals which can heal your problems with their long time of experience.

Advanced technology with very good infrastructure helps the doctors to find out the real cause of your illness.

If you or a member of your family exhibits any of the signs, do not ignore them. As it takes long time to overcome it. Just book an appointment and get clear information about you.