TMT, also known as a Tread Mill Test, Stress Test, or Exercise Test, is a test that determines how the heart performs when it is pumping quickly and hard. During these periods, doctors use a stress test to assess if the heart is receiving enough blood.

Preparation :--

During The Process :--

Throughout the procedure:

  • It usually takes roughly 30 minutes to complete the test.

  • You must switch into a hospital gown and remove all jewellery, purses, belts, and other personal items.

  • Keep your mobile devices in silent mode.

  • The technician will sterilise the chest area before beginning the test, administer gel, and attach the electrodes.

  • The technician will demonstrate and explain the process of walking on the treadmill

  • When you jog on the treadmill, the technician will assess your blood pressure and ECG and how you are experiencing it. The test will finish when you are weary, or the ECG displays irregularities.

  • After 4 minutes of rest, your blood pressure and ECG will be taken again.

  • The technician will detach the electrodes one at a time, gently wiping away any remaining gel on your chest.

After The Procedure :--

  • Some patients may develop an irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulties, or dizziness, which will disappear after a while.

  • Following the procedure, the technician will offer the result within 15 minutes.

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