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Get Precise Urology Surgical Treatments to Resolve Various Urologic Conditions

Urology refers to the branch of medicine that specifically deals with the disorders and functions of the urinary system. Uro surgery refers to the surgical procedures that focus on treating different conditions relating to urinary and reproductive organs. It mainly comprises various urogenital procedures, including bladder tumor surgery, total cystectomy, hernia surgery, and other urological surgeries.

Different urologic health issues can be effectively treated with the help of non-surgical techniques and medications. However, in certain cases, surgery is the ultimate solution for optimum healing and getting relief from urologic issues.

Professional urologists focus on diagnosing and treating the various urinary tract problems among individuals. They are responsible for evaluating the urologic issue, examining the health status, and recommending appropriate surgical procedures to the patients.

Our urologists’ quality medical training and expertise of ensure that you get personalized and only the best care for your kidney problem, bladder problem, and related issues. Our team of professionals is compassionate while delivering the urosurgery services to deliver a better care experience to the patients.

Common Urological Conditions

The most common condition that requires urological surgery is benign prostatic hyperplasia; it is a condition in which the prostate gland size increases. Men suffering from this condition usually experience the frequent need of urinating and weak urine stream. The severe cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia necessitate surgical interventions for proper treatment.

Other conditions that may demand surgery include urinary tract infections, urinary inconsistence, ureteral and kidney stones, overactive bladders, and interstitial cystitis. Prostate cancer and bladder cancer are also urological conditions that may require surgery.

Uro Surgery Services

We offer a wide range of uro surgery services to treat the different urological conditions of the patients. We provide quality treatment for various urogenital tumors, including ureter, prostate, kidney, and bladder. The experienced and reputed surgeons of the hospital perform all the urological surgeries.

Bladder removal surgery, also known as cystectomy, refers to the surgery performed to remove the urinary bladder. In men, radical cystectomy means removal of the entire bladder, including the seminal vesicles and prostate. In women, radical cystectomy involves the removal of ovaries, the uterus, and a part of the vagina. The surgery is usually recommended to people suffering from bladder cancer. It can even be used to treat endometrial cancer, pelvic tumors, and congenital abnormalities.

Renal surgery or nephrectomy refers to the surgical procedure performed in order to remove the kidney. The procedure is mainly conducted for treating kidney injuries, diseases, as well as kidney cancer.

Laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, is a surgery that is performed to correct specific urological issues of individuals. The surgical procedure ensures minimal pain to the patients and allows faster recovery. It involves the application of a laparoscope with an inbuilt camera and other surgical instruments. The laparoscope is inserted into the patient’s body through a small incision of about 0.5 to 1.5cm. Laparoscopic surgery includes different operations within the pelvic or abdominal cavities. Short hospital stays and better patient experience are the best benefits of laparoscopic uro surgery. The different procedures that can be performed through laparoscopic surgery are:

Robotic surgery makes use of a camera and telescope-like instruments to perform open surgery. The surgical procedure is conducted through a small incision in the body of the individual. Robotic surgery is recommended by urologists to treat urologic conditions such as kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and kidney disorders. It allows healthcare professionals to perform complex surgical procedures with better control, precision, and flexibility. Fewer complications, less pain, and quicker recovery are the most prominent benefits of robotic surgery for urological conditions.

There are a wide array of surgical treatment options to treat urological issues in individuals effectively. The ideal treatment solution will depend on the specific condition and the extent of damage caused to the urinary system of the individuals.

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