Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

Anesthesiology Critical Care By Acme Hospitals

The unique beauty treatment option of Acme Hospitals can make you youthful. The skincare treatment facilities of our cosmetologist make people look good. Our beauty therapy and treatment of face, hair, and body make people more beautiful. Our specialists, Dr Sourabhi Deshpande and Dr Sonali Saigaonkar will provide cosmetic care services with advanced treatment facilities. You can also remove your Acne scar, spot, aging signs and wrinkles. Additionally, our modern treatment will help you boost collagen production which will result in a flawless and beautiful skin.

What facilities do you get here?

You can get the best treatment and care from our specialists in our hospital. Here some of the special facilities of our Anaesthesiologist are described below.

Care of the Surgical Patient

Our Anaesthesiologist will help all the surgical patients during their surgery. By giving them medical care at the time of surgery, the anesthesiologist helps the patients. The Anaesthesiologist also helps the surgeons during the surgery. Additionally, our specialist takes care of and supervises the patient after surgery.

Critical Care and Trauma Medicine

Our Anaesthesiologist helps the patients inside the intensive care unit. Our specialist manages the airways and cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation. Additionally, our anesthesiologist can provide advanced pain relief to surgery and ICU patients. Our specialist helps the other doctors do their work correctly in emergencies. Moreover, our Anaesthesiologist helps in stabilizing a patient.

Pain Medicine

Our specialist also provides additional drug therapies to the patients to reduce their pain. Here you can also get treatment of Chronic and Cancer Pain Management with the help of our anesthesiologist. Our doctors will provide excellent therapies to the patients by using the latest treatment options.

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