Clinical Psychiatry

Quality Care for Psychiatric Disorders at Acme Hospital

Psychiatry department at Acme Hospital offers quality care for different types of psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric disorders are disorders of the brain that cause disturbances in emotions, behaviour, thoughts and cognition. There are about 200 psychiatric disorders classified currently. The brain controls all functions in one’s body. The brain generates thoughts, emotions and controls our behaviour. Cognitive abilities like memory, planning, organisational skills, logic, judgement, critical thinking, impulse control, abstract thinking etc. are possible due to a highly evolved front part of human brain – the frontal cortex. Psychiatric disorders affect all age groups and genders. According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data published in December 2019, one in seven individuals in India is suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Psychiatric disorders significantly contribute to the total disease burden in India.

Psychiatric disorders do not have any single cause. Genetic factors, inflammatory conditions, other systemic illnesses, metabolic disorders, head trauma, nutritional deficiency, endocrine related disorders can contribute to development of psychiatric disorders. They are treatable with medications and psychotherapy. Department of psychiatry works in liaison with other specialties to offer good quality care to the patients. Acme Hospital has panel of psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, sports medicine experts and yoga instructor to help patients towards recovery.

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