Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery At Acme Hospitals

Both women and men adopt breast surgery for varieties of problems. But women especially adopt breast surgery to reconstruct the breast and reduce cancer. The proper medical care will help a woman to get relief from deadly breast cancer disease. A woman receives special medical facilities with high-class doctors at Acme Hospitals. You get numerous facilities and care to reduce the chances of breast cancer here. Additionally, our varieties of surgery options reduce your cancer problem and also helps you get a reconstructive breast. So let's check out some surgery options of our hospital, which allows you to get satisfying results.

Our different Breast surgery options

After checking all the patient's medical reports, our specialists are advised of different surgery options. Let's learn these below.

Breast cancer surgery :--

Most women have breast cancer, which is a dangerous problem. Breast cancer specialist Dr Sandeep Bipte takes special breast cancer surgery training from the UK. This training involves all the latest processes of treating breast cancer.

Preventative surgery (mastectomy) :--

Our surgeon advised the patient to adopt this surgery to prevent breast cancer. According to the medical reports, our specialist suggests removing tissues from the breast to avoid breast cancer.

Non-cancer breast surgery :--

In Acme Hospitals, you also can remove lumps from breast tissues. First, our specialist diagnoses the lumps as cancerous or non-cancerous. According to the reports, our doctors are advised of the surgery.

Cosmetic breast surgery :--

Here we also provide the facility of reconstructing the breast size. Our doctors adopt cosmetic surgery facilities to give the breast a youthful shape and size.

Unique facilities of Acme Hospitals

Special care of patients :--

Acme Hospitals fulfills all the needs of the patient. Our unique team helps to diagnose the diseases first. Then our specialists deliver treatment and surgery options to the patients. Additionally, we take special care of each patient going through surgery. We ensure the speedy recovery of a patient with our high-quality facilities.

High-quality advice :--

Dr. Sandeep Bipte and Dr. Meghl Sanghavi advise the patients to quickly use the latest safety measures for curing breast surgery. They also prescribe good medicines which decrease the chances of infection after surgery. The high-quality advice of Acme doctors provides you healthy lifestyle.

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