Different Orthopedic Treatments of Acme Hospitals

Any bone-related problem will be quickly solved at Acme Hospitals Our specialist will help the patient by detecting the problem of bone. In our hospital, you get treatment for knees, spine, joints, and shoulders. Besides this, we also provide many surgeries to patients which relieve their pain. In our hospital, we repair bone fractures and other bone problems. We also offer treatment to older people who have joint pain. Our advanced treatment facilities will cure all the issues of patients. Our special surgery team will work on varieties of ortho surgeries, and these are described below.

Various surgical orthopedic treatments of Acme Hospitals :
    Total joint replacement :--
  • Total joint replacement or JTR helps to repair the knee joints of patients who are damaged due to surgeries. The prosthesis is a process that will replace the damaged knee joint. It is a mixture of plastic and metal pieces specially prepared for knee joint replacement. Our expert surgeons are carefully doing this surgery and replacing the knee joint.
    Arthroscopic Knee Surgery :--
  • Our experts advise patients to adopt Arthroscopic knee surgery to cure various knee pain. In this process, our expert inserts a tiny camera inside the knee joint to check the damage to the knee. It is major surgery, so our surgeon takes exceptional care of patients who go through this surgery.
    Fracture repair surgery :--
  • Our specialists provide fracture repair surgery when you get cracks and broken bones. According to the majority of the facture, our experts decided to offer different surgeries. This surgery will provide quick relief and help repair the patient's broken bones.
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