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Pediatric Orthopedics facilities of Acme Hospitals

Due to various reasons, the growing bones of children defected. You can cure all the problems of your child's bone from the pediatric orthopedics department of Acme Hospitals. The pediatric orthopedics specialist Dr. Chintan Doshi provides various treatments that help in your child's happy growth. In our hospital, you can get the treatment of injuries, birth malformations, neurological disorders, or bone infections of children. Our specialist provides good bone health to your children by adopting various treatment options. Our specialist also adopts surgery options to cure bone-related problems in some cases.

Several treatment options of Acme Hospitals

Some advanced treatment facilities of our hospital are below.


This is a severe condition of children. In this situation, the child's spine becomes a C or S shape. Our specialist provides good treatment options to solve this problem.


The abnormality of the child's foot can also be treated at our hospital. By using advanced equipment, our specialist helps to improve this condition quickly. Additionally, we also improve the foot's position by using some treatments.

Hip Dysplasia

In our hospital, you can also treat the condition of Hip Dysplasia. In this condition, we specially treat the hip bones of the children and relieve their pain. In some cases, we also adopt surgery to cure this problem.


This is a rare disorder of children. In this condition the child's head is affected a lot. Our specialist also helps people by providing adequate treatments for this condition.

Limb Lengthening

This is a surgical treatment for lengthening bones, replacing missing bone or correcting deformities in the bone structure of children.
There are several other laparoscopy surgeries options available. Contact Acme Hospitals so that we can offer you the right treatment.

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