Consulting Room

Patients frequently use the aesthetics of a consulting room and their experience to assess the level of care they receive. When patients feel heard, valued, and have undisturbed interaction with a doctor, they can better share their problems and positive experience. Further, the more comfortable they feel and how they discuss their health concerns in detail, the better the doctor can diagnose the condition and suggest possible treatment. At Acme Hospitals, we believe that the condition diagnosis, treatment, and financial discussions done in a private and secure setting foster trust and allow patients to share any obstacles or concerns openly. Patients may feel uncomfortable discussing their current issues or on the front desk.

A private setting is more conducive to a conversation where the patient does not feel hurried, and it contributes to a more personalised and instructive experience. Acme Hospitals offers designated and private consulting rooms where patients can openly discuss their current problems and get solutions to their health conditions. We have carefully planned and designed each consulting room that offers comfort both to doctors and patients.

Further, all the rooms are well-lit, well-equipped to accommodate patients' family members, spacious, and free of noise and distraction. Also, we ensure you 100% privacy during your consultation..

Depending upon the doctor you consult, we have a privacy curtain encircled around the bed, leaving enough area for the patient to dress and undress for the diagnosis process. Further, each room has certain basic medical equipment to support emergency and procedural therapies for effective general practice.As per the doctor, we have different set-ups and equipment. Acme Hospitals consultation rooms are comfortable, useful, and functional and meet patients' healthcare demands.

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