Neonatal ICU (NICU)

Babies are often born with certain congenital disability or condition that necessitates specialised treatment and attention, or they are born prematurely, allowing them less opportunity to grow in the womb.
The baby's body functions must collaborate differently. A baby has difficulty adjusting to life outside of the womb in some situations, and these adjustments can be made more challenging by a premature birth or birth abnormalities. However, there are many particular healthcare services at Acme Hospitals to aid newborn babies.

Although your paediatrician can address most infant health issues, a neonatologist is particularly equipped to manage the most complex and high-risk scenarios. The Neonatal Care Division at Acme Hospitals can handle any congenital disabilities or challenges that the newborn faces

The doctors at Acme Hospitals go above and beyond to ensure that your baby gets the appropriate care. Our cutting-edge Neonatal Facility features fully equipped rooms with monitoring equipment and innovative incubators that take your newborn's excellent care.

Babies in our Neonatal Division are monitored around the clock by a Neonatologist and professionally certified Pediatric physicians. Competent professional nurses and other staff members always care for the babies.

Newborn screening tests check for cognitive, genetic, and metabolic abnormalities in newborns. The majority of these illnesses are uncommon, but if caught early enough, we can offer early treatment. Metabolic diseases disrupt the body's ability to utilise nutrients to sustain proper metabolism. Disorders with hormones or the bloodstream are two more conditions that screening can uncover. These conditions, in general, can impede a child's overall physical and mental development in several ways.

Parents may transmit the genes for a specific disorder and be unaware that their children are carriers. Although these disorders are considered uncommon, most babies are found to be normal. However, early detection and treatment can significantly differentiate between healthy development and permanent damage.

We at Acme Hospitals are dedicated to delivering the finest possible treatment for your infant. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your child. If your baby is born prematurely or becomes ill, the Acme Hospitals Neonatal ICU division is an ultramodern hospital that is perfectly capable of handling a newborn in need of extreme care.
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