Physiotherapy is a service that helps people develop, maintain, and recover their maximum movement and functional abilities over time. This involves assisting when ageing, injuries, diseases, ailments, conditions, or external environmental impair mobility and functionality. The importance of functional movement in the definition of health cannot be overstated.

Physiotherapy is a highly efficient rehabilitation procedure in which skilled experts assess and cure any physical conditioning issues. Physiotherapy can assist you in various scenarios when your mobility is impaired, whether you have sustained a serious trauma while participating in sport or twisted your ankle while walking or any other issues.

Acme Hospital's Physiotherapy Department's mission is to provide highly specialised treatments and physical rehabilitation programmes to patients of all ages who are suffering from any illness or disability caused by various factors. The team is in charge of providing out-patients and in-patients with high-quality pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapeutic therapies.

A well-equipped fitness facility is offered for training and recovery at the hospital. The rehabilitation process includes a strong focus on the patient's functional condition. The team takes a professional focus on patient recovery, actively educating and advising patients on how to do physical exercises and movements to regain strength, mobility, and functionality, which aids in a patient's quick recovery.

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