Ano-Rectal Surgeries

Specialized Ano-Rectal Surgeries with a focus on patient comfort and recovery. Expert care for a range of conditions using the latest techniques.

Are you suffering from any problems or disorders in your anus or rectum, such as piles, fissures, fistulas, or abscesses? Do you want to have a safe, effective, and painless treatment for your condition? Do you want to recover faster and better? If yes, then you may benefit from our ano-rectal surgeries.

Our ano-rectal surgeries are services that involve using advanced techniques and technologies to perform various surgical procedures on the anus or rectum. Our ano-rectal surgeries can help you treat your condition and improve your quality of life.

Some of the benefits of our ano-rectal surgeries are:

  • You can have a shorter and easier surgery with less anesthesia and instruments
  • You can have a smaller and cleaner wound with less infection and inflammation
  • You can have a faster and smoother recovery with less pain and medication
  • You can have a better and longer-lasting outcome with less recurrence and revision
  • You can have a more natural and aesthetic appearance with less scarring and deformity

Some of the conditions and procedures of our ano-rectal surgeries are:

  • Piles surgery: This involves removing the swollen or inflamed veins in the anus or rectum (called hemorrhoids) that cause bleeding, pain, itching, or prolapse. Piles surgery can help you treat hemorrhoids, which are a common cause of ano-rectal discomfort.
  • Fissure surgery: This involves cutting or stretching the tight or torn skin in the anus (called an anal fissure) that causes bleeding, pain, spasms, or infection. Fissure surgery can help you treat anal fissures, which are a common cause of ano-rectal pain.
  • Fistula surgery: This involves closing or removing the abnormal connection or tunnel between the anus or rectum and the skin or other organs (called an anal fistula) that causes discharge, pain, swelling, or infection. Fistula surgery can help you treat anal fistulas, which are a common cause of ano-rectal discharge.
  • Abscess surgery: This involves draining or removing the collection of pus in the anus or rectum (called an anal abscess) that causes fever, pain, redness, or tenderness. Abscess surgery can help you treat anal abscesses, which are a common cause of ano-rectal inflammation.

At Acme Hospital, we offer our ano-rectal surgeries as one of our services to help you achieve your health goals. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, technicians, and counsellors who will guide you through every step of your surgery journey. We have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that ensure the highest standards of safety and quality. We have a patient-centric approach that respects your privacy, preferences, and values.

If you are interested in our ano-rectal surgeries, please contact us today to book an appointment. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical history.

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