We provide billing assistance to our patients throughout their hospital stay. We do billing counselling right after you are admitted. We generate two kinds of bills in our hospital:

Interim Bill

You will receive these bills every other day. They will show you an estimated amount of the charges for the given period. If you have any questions, please contact our billing department. This will help you avoid any confusion when you get your final bill. You need to pay the interim bills within a day.

Final Bill

When you are ready to leave, we will give you your final bill. This will include all the interim bills and the reservation deposit you paid. The reservation deposit can only be used for the final bill and not for the interim bills.

If you are discharged on a Sunday, a public holiday or after our office hours, you can get your final bill on the next working day. We will ask you to pay a deposit that covers an approximate bill amount plus a security amount before you leave. This will be considered when we prepare your final bill.

We only make refunds by cheque as per government guidelines and in the name of the patient. They will be processed within 7 days of your discharge and we can send them by courier if you want.

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