The process of enrolling a patient's name and identify in to the hospital's database is known as registration. This is essential to deliver hospital services to the patients and record the many benefits that each patient receives. It's also the initial stage in creating a patient's health record, which contains all of their medical information.

The following are the goals of registration :--
  1. Gather essential patient information such as identity, contact information, and demographics
  2. Develop a unique identification number for each patient
  3. Enter the patient's name into the hospital's database
  4. To create a patient record that will be used to document future processes involving them.

Acme Hospitals has well-defined and detailed procedures for outpatient registration to guarantee that the process runs smoothly.

Which Patients Should Get Registered?
All first-time patients who wish to use the hospital's services must complete a registration form. This comprises patients who are admitted to the OPD or Emergency Department or shifted from another hospital

However, under the following circumstances, registration is not required.
  1. If the patient is already enrolled with the hospital. Further, the patient's registration information is readily available
  2. If the patient's healthcare treatment requested is not part of the healthcare services. vailable
Before the patient is availing of any healthcare services, the patient must complete the registration process. However, in the case of certain emergencies where immediate medical attention is vital, registration can be completed simultaneously or later, depending on the circumstances. The decision-making power is with the emergency department.

Process of Registration :--
Upon the patient's visit to the hospital and their request for consultation or treatment, we will first verify if the patient is already registered or new.

If new, the patient needs to fill out all essential personal information on the registration form and submit it to the registration desk, duly signed. Further, our staff will enter all details in the software a unique ID will generate. This ID signifies that the patient is registered with the hospital. Further, they do not need to follow the registration process again during their next visit.

Upon paying the registration fees, the registration is successful, and the patient can continue with their consultation. All the information are confidential and will be in use for healthcare services.
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