Medical Oncology

Medical oncology or cancer treatment options of Acme Hospitals

By using various methods and new treatment options, our hospital provides cancer treatment to different age groups. Primarily we use surgery, radiation, medications and other therapies to cure cancer. Our medical oncology department provides unique treatment facilities for which patients can fix the problem of cancer in significantly less time. Our highly-trained specialists advise patients on various treatment options according to the medical reports. We also offer a different diagnosis of cancer in our hospital. We aim to provide quality treatment to the patient for increasing their life span. Here are some treatment facilities for medical oncology of Acme Hospitals described below.

Some treatment options of our hospital

Primary treatment :

The main aim of using the primary treatment option in Acme Hospitals is to remove the cancer cells from the body, to prevent spreading cancer. Our surgeon removes the cancer-causing cell from the body part in the first stage by using modern equipment.

Adjuvant treatment :

After primary treatment, our specialist uses Adjuvant treatment to protect the body and kill the cancer germs. By using chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy, our doctors reduce the chance of spreading cancer in the body.

Palliative treatment :

This treatment option helps the patient to recover from the side effects of the above two treatments. Our experts advise special medication to heal the patient’s body from the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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