Nephrology is a part of medical science that deals with the kidneys for both pediatric and adult internal medicine. Nephrologists are a medical professional who studies; analyze all your kidney problems. Such as fluid retention, electrolyte, mineral imbalance, high blood pressure, etc.

Now day’s kidney patients are found all over the world. Globally this disease takes 12th rank as the major cause of death. If you have diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or heart disease, then there will be a major chance that you may b affected with chronic kidney disease.

Also, it is the main cause of other health issues like an irregular heartbeat, weakened immune system, osteoporosis, etc. For all of these considerations, having healthy kidneys is critical.

With the help of the latest technology and skilled professionals, you can overcome those problems. If you are treated early your kidney damage may be reversible.

The role of Nephrologist:

They are the medical professionals who will take care of your problems and diseases. They diagnose, treat, analyze and give particular solutions that your body needs. Some other issues also they manage like fluid retention, high blood pressure or any mineral imbalances. Some specialists can take charge of dialysis treatment and sometimes kidney transplants also. The kidney's primary duty is to filter your blood and eliminate any wastes. Your body will become unhealthy if there is improper filtering of the blood. If there is the low function of kidney or kidney failure then there is the requirement of dialysis regularly.

To know the actual reason you may have some tests and procedures. Such as:
Blood Tests:

Through this check, you will get to know the pureness of your blood. Such as the certain amount of urea and creatinine in your blood.

Urine tests:

Here you can reveal the abnormalities, which will help you to identify the main cause of chronic kidney disease.

Imaging tests:

You may go through the ultrasound process to know the kidneys' structure and size. It may help the professionals in some cases.

Taking a sample of kidney tissue for testing purposes:

A kidney biopsy is a process through which a doctor will take some tissue for testing purposes. Through this process, a thin needle will be inserted through your skin directly to your kidney to take the sample. That sample will be sent to the lab. This will assist your doctor in determining the source of your kidney impairment.
If you are finding any complications or issues or any discoloration in your urine do fix an appointment with our doctors.

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