CME Hospitals’s Specialized Diabetes Department

People have stressed lives, unhealthy diets with pressure in everyday life, which are the main reasons for diabetics. Our diabetology department is completed with modern technologies with therapies such as insulin pumps, SGLT2 medication, etc., which brings healthy life to thousands of patients. We have skilled doctors and nurses who work together and create a positive, happy environment for every patient. Once diagnosed with diabetes, you should visit any diabetes specialist to know your diabetes categories. With constant routine checkups with a healthy lifestyle, you can take control of diabetes. After 40, you must check your health yearly. In this stage, there is more chance to have diabetes.

Types of diabetes:

Type1 and type2 are the two major types of diabetes. Type1 diabetes arises when you fail to produce insulin. In this stage, the body is required to inject insulin. Type2 diabetes occurs when your body cell can't use insulin properly. Insulin helps in moving blood sugar into the cell.

Type 1 diabetes:

Generally, children and young adults suffer from this type of diabetes.However, the real cause is still unknown, but it is found that the cause of this type 1 diabetes is an infection that destroys insulin-producing cells. In this stage, your body is not able to create insulin. So patients need to inject insulin from the very beginning.

Type 2 diabetes:

Here you will find a high level of glucose in the blood. This type of diabetes where your liver, muscle cells, and fat don't work correctly with insulin.As a result, blood sugar does not change into energy in our body cells. When sugar is unable to reach cells, it builds up in the blood. Type 2 diabetes has increased over a long period. Adults over the age of 40, both male and female, are primarily affected. In type 2 diabetes, family history and genes play a significant impact. Low levels of physical exercise, a poor diet, increased body weight around the stomach, and mental stress raises your risk

Gestational Diabetes:

It starts when you have a pregnancy. Here you may have either type1 or type2 diabetes. In some cases, pregnancy hormones interrupt the insulin’s work.That is the cause of high glucose in your body. Sometimes it may lead to miscarriage or create complications to your pregnancy. Also, there is a chance of jaundice or some respiratory issue in your newborn baby.

Symptoms of diabetes:

Both diabetes symptoms are likely the same. Once you do your checkup, you can find out the actual type.
However, some early signs are there where you can find out that you may be diagnosed with diabetes. Such as: You may feel more thirst.

  • Fatigue
  • More frequency of urination.
  • Vision will slightly blur.
  • Hunger will increase.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Skin and urine infection.
  • Wound healing power will slow.
  • Infection in your private parts.

A high glucose level may affect your eyes, nerves, heart, and blood vessels over your feet. So treatment is necessary to take control over blood sugar levels. So visit Acme Hospitals and book an appointment today to cure your diabetes.

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