Excellent pathology facility of Acme Hospitals

The vast pathology department of Acme Hospitals provides you with various services. You can easily detect your disease by using the pathology center of this hospital. Experts in Acme Hospitals do every health-related test. You can prevent your conditions with the help of our pathology experts. However, you can monitor your illness or medications with the help of our pathology facility. We help you to diagnose an illness so that you can adopt perfect treatment according to that.

Different pathology facilities of Acme Hospitals

The pathology facilities of Acme Hospitals are as follows:

Cellular and chemical analysis

The cellular and chemical analysis of Acme Hospitals includes various blood tests. Here you can get the report of blood cell count, insulin clearance, bone marrow aspiration, and blood typing. Additionally, you can quickly get the test report and immediate care from us. Our Patho lab expert properly tests the blood samples by using various equipment. Here, you can test your heart, kidney, pregnancy, thyroid, and liver. The urine and stool samples were also collected here. By the way, you get all your test reports within one day. The complete pathology of Acme Hospitals is full of many members, so you can quickly know diseases through test reports.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing includes complementation tests, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. These entire tests are formed in Acme Hospitals. With the help of an expert pathologist, all these tests provide the accurate result to the patients.

Physical and visual examination

The pathology department of Acme Hospitals also gives the test result for physical examinations. Here you can examine auscultation, autopsy, biopsy, bronchoscopy, cardiac catheterization, colposcopy and Dick test. You can also do laparoscopy and endoscopy using the latest equipment. By the way, Acme Hospitals also helps people with fertility tests by providing semen analysis. Overall you get all solutions for your health in this hospital.


Here you will diagnose different diseases quickly. The latest machines are used to test blood samples, stool, urine, and other samples. So it is beneficial for you to get the reports quickly. According to the diagnosis reports, you get treatment here. Some diagnoses such as cholecystography, brain scanning, ultrasound, mammography, and lung ventilation/perfusion scan can be done here.

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