Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

An intensive care unit (ICU), commonly called an intensive therapy unit, or critical care unit (CCU), intensive treatment unit (ITU), is a specific division of our hospitals that offers patients with intensive therapy and medicine.

We operate in a highly specialized atmosphere where we care for patients and caregivers. Alarms or flashing lights are common features of the advanced equipment utilized in the ICU. Some have both, which may ring and illuminate for several causes and at various levels of warning, ranging from extremely low to high warning. These are there to catch the attention of employees. Our intensive care units are open 24/7.

Our ICU division is staffed by doctors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ICU medical staff is led by intensive care experts. They collaborate with the surgeon, prescribing doctor, or specialist. Further, the doctors conduct formal rounds twice each day continuously assess patients during the day and night. Our medical team is ready to support you with your difficulties.

Acme Hospitals has transformed intensive care with its medical competence and cutting-edge facilities, positioning its offerings as the nation's best. Our Intensive Care Units treat patients with major and life-threatening illnesses and conditions that require regular, careful care and supervision from specialists and medications to enable a swift recovery and appropriate bodily functions.

We have incredibly competent doctors and nurses on staff that specialize in the care of critically ill patients. The ICUs are also distinguishable from standard medical wards by a larger staff-to-patient proportion and access to specialized medical supplies and equipment not commonly found elsewhere.

Our ICUs are incredibly well-equipped in terms of Intelligence, Care, and Distinctiveness!

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