Uro-onco-surgery is a specialized field focusing on the surgical treatment of cancers affecting the urinary system and male reproductive organs, utilizing advanced techniques like robotic surgeries for precision and better outcomes

Different treatment facilities of Acme Hospitals for URO ONCO Surgery

Our trained and experienced urologic oncologist will help the people by giving different treatment options to cure their cancer. We provide treatment for both male and female reproductive organs. These organs include the bladder, kidneys, prostate, penis and testicles. We provide treatment for cancer like bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and testicular cancer. We offer treatment facilities to the patients to cure their problems quickly by using advanced technologies.

Bladder cancer treatment

We use various forms to treat the bladder cancer of a person. We remove the tumor from the patient's bladder in the early stage and provide other treatment after that. Our specialist also provides Partial cystectomy, Radical cystectomy, Reconstructive surgery and Neobladder treatment to the patients

Prostate cancer treatment

We use robotics surgery for treating prostate cancer. In this process, we remove the prostate and help the patient to cure cancer. We also use a biopsy test facility to diagnose prostate cancer.

Kidney cancer treatment

By removing the tumor from the testicular, our doctor helps the patient treat testicular cancer. We also provide chemotherapy and radiation therapy to cure cancer completely.

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