Get finest urology treatment at Acme Hospitals

Acme Hospitals offers a wide range of urology treatments. If you have several urological problems you can adopt the high-class treatment of Acme Hospitals. The urologist of the hospital treats the entire urological problem by providing effective advice. Additionally you can treat any urinary tract and reproductive tract here with the latest treatment options.

Our medical team helps the patients to detect the exact urology problem and provide treatment according to that. We ensure to provide perfect kidney, ureters and bladder treatment to the patient. In a familiar environment you get excellent care and medication facilities by Acme Hospitals urologists. In some cases our specialist also adopts surgery to remove urological cancer.

Acme Hospitals urology treatment options

Our latest urology treatment facility helps men, women and kids to recover from any urological problem. Let’s study various urological treatments of Acme Hospitals.

Treatments for men

The urology department of Acme Hospitals provides various treatments such as cancer of bladder, penis, and testicles of men. Additionally here you also get the facility of treating kidney diseases, kidney stones and any other urinary infections.

Treatments for women

For women Acme Hospitals delivers treatment like bladder prolapse, interstitial cystitis, cancer of bladder and adrenal glands. Our specialist also helps women by providing treatment for UTIs and urinary incontinence.

Treatments for kids
    Expert advice :--
  • Our urologist Dr. Bhusan Patil and Dr. Prakash Pawar clearly understand the urological problem of each patient. The doctors have years of experience in urological departments, so each patient gets perfect treatment and care in Acme Hospitals.
    Using top-class equipment :--
  • To detect the urological diseases or problems we use top-class equipment. We also deliver diagnosis facilities by using the latest process. So you can quickly get your reports to treat your urological problems here.
    Adequate medication and care :--
  • After checking all the reports and medical history of a patient, our expert doctors prescribed medicines to the patients. We also ensure quick recovery of each patient. You also get a high-class surgery facility for urological cancer by our expert doctors. So our special care helps the patient to get a perfect and disease free life
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