Dermatology focuses on skin issues, and the department of Dermatology uses a thoughtful combination of medication and surgery for addressing any dermatology concerns. Our dermatologists can assist a variety of patients, including children to adults.

Some of our best services but not limited to include:

Acne treatment:

Acne appears on your skin whenever the hair follicles get clogged with excess oil and dead cells. Acne comes in a variety of forms. Whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples are examples. This is a frequent problem for teenagers, but it affects all ages. We are providing acne treatments to ensure that this problem will heal slowly. It is a long process to get away from it, and it gives results depending on the skin type.

Age spots:

The majority of age spots are tiny, black spots on the skin. It mainly appears on exposed skin. Sunscreen can help to prevent this. These blotches are your skin's effort to preserve itself from future sun damage after it has been exposed to the sun. Your skin may require medical attention.
In most cases, these spots do not need medical attention. But you should consult a doctor if it looks more black, or the sizes gradually increase, marked with an irregular border or bleeding from that spot. This can impact your overall appearance.

Hair loss:

In recent years, hair loss has become a big issue. A medical condition, such as cancer or hormonal changes, could be blamed. Each day, the average person loses 50 to 80 hairs, which occurs because new hair is growing simultaneously. Hair loss occurs when a person's hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair. Before deciding on a hair loss therapy, consult a doctor about the reason of your hair loss and your treatment options.


Wrinkles appear on the epidermis, including the face, neck, wrists, and forearms, and are therefore a normal part of the ageing process. Skin structure and texture are determined mainly by genetics, and sun exposure is also a key source of wrinkles, particularly in persons with fair skin.

Wrinkling is exacerbated by living in a polluted environment and smoking. Wrinkle treatments that work include medications, skin resurfacing procedures, fillers, and surgery to resolve this issue.

Consult with our expert dermatologists to treat any of your underlying skin issues.

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