Diabetic Foot Surgery

Get high-quality treatment of General Surgery Diabetic Foot Surgery.

Diabetic is a common disease shown in 8.7% of people of India. This disease mainly affects people between the ages of 20 to 70. Due to diabetic people also suffer from two types of diabetic foot disease: peripheral vascular disease and diabetic neuropathy. A high-quality treatment will help a patient to recover from these problems. So Acme Hospitals delivers Diabetic Foot Surgery that reduces all the risk factors of this disease.

Our specialist will provide various precaution measures to cure Diabetic Foot disease. In some severe cases, our qualified surgeons adopt several surgeries, which is beneficial to cure Diabetic Foot disease. We help our patients and give them adequate service to solve the problem quickly.

Our Diabetic Foot Surgery options

By adopting all the safety measures, we offer Diabetic Foot Surgery that helps you to recover fast.

Debridement :

Our specialist adopts Debridement therapy to cure excessive dead tissues from the diabetic foot. We help the patient recover quickly from this severe problem using the advanced process. We also provide exceptional care to clean the wounds during surgery

Achilles tendon Lengthening :

Our surgeon used this surgery to remove the ulcers from the bottom of the foot. Our specialist smoothly stretches and cuts the tendon and relieves the patient. With our special care, the patient will recover within several weeks.

Vascular Surgery :

After various diagnoses, our doctors adopt vascular surgery to recover diabetic feet fully. Our specialist delivers treatment according to your medical reports. This treatment includes leg bypass surgery with some medication. You get fast relief from diabetic feet after adopting our treatment.

Benefits you get from our Diabetic Foot Surgery

Get qualified consultant :

In Acme Hospitals, the diabetic foot surgeon Dr Milind Ruke provides essential foot care to the patient. With many years of experience, Dr Milind Ruke helps the patients to get perfect treatment and precaution for the diabetic foot.

Reduce deep foot infections :

Our unique care facility will help you to diagnose the diseases quickly. Therefore you can reduce the chance of deep foot infection. Additionally, you get high-quality advice from our specialists to cure your diabetic foot. According to your symptoms, our specialist advises you to adopt one of these surgeries, which is beneficial.

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