Genetic Councilling

Get the best Genetics counseling at Acme Hospitals.

Our Genetics counseling department offers various facilities to the patients. The genetics experts are especially examined about Genetic conditions are caused by changes or mistakes in genes. By providing various advice and support, our specialist helps the patient get out of this condition. They also examine the condition deeply to know it is inherited from one or both parents.

So by taking various tests and examinations, our genetics and counseling expert Dr Tanmay Deshpande provides treatment and advice to the patients. Mostly we understand how the genetic disorder affects the patient and their families. So, according to different genetic conditions, we try to provide treatments. We help the patients by testing them and their newborn children. After that, we consider how they pass their genetic illness to their newborns. According to that, we prepare unique treatment options for the patients.

Special care of Acme hospital

  • The patients get special genetic counseling from our experts.
  • The patients get special genetic counseling from our experts.
  • We provide various tests for identifying inborn disorders.
  • We provide specialist support and resources to the patient.
  • We also offer surgery for solving unique genetic problems.
  • We also offer treatment to the pregnant woman to save her newborn from severe genetic illness.
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