Ophthalmology Services By Acme Hospitals

Our Ophthalmology department is investigating the ailments connecting with the eye. Our specialists treat patients who suffer from waterfalls, eye contaminations, optic nerve issues, or other eye conditions. In Acme Hospitals, the experts very carefully treat different patient states. Here are some conditions treated by us.

We treat different conditions.

  • Glaucoma condition
  • Different retinal events like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy
  • Corneal circumstances conditions
  • Waterfalls of eye
  • Kids and youths different eye conditions
  • We treat patients who have neurological reasons like optic nerve issues, unusual eye developments, and twofold vision.
  • We treat patients who need a reconstructive medical procedure or progressed vision fix.

Benefits you get from us.

  • Our specialists evaluate your eye risk and provide proper health screening at the right time.
  • Even our specialists advise changing lifestyle which has an impact on eye sights.
  • If you have any eye injury, our emergency department immediately consults with our ophthalmologist, and they help to decrease the chances of further damage to the eye.
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure patients get additional benefits in our Ophthalmology Department.
  • Pregnant women also benefit from treating their eye condition at Acme Hospitals.
  • Our ophthalmologist advises not to adopt home remedies for treating dry eye conditions. They provide special treatment for this condition
  • Our surgeon helps remove damaged tissues from the eye and provides other cancer treatments to the patient if you have eye cancer.
  • You also get specific cosmetic surgery such as brow lifting and nose with the help of our ophthalmologist.
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