Head Neck Onco Surgery

Head Neck Oncosurgery options of Acme Hospitals

This particular branch of cancer surgery by Acme Hospitals will help patients to solve the cancer problem of mouth, throat, voice box, neck, face, nose and paranasal air sinuses, nasopharynx, skull base, ear canal and temporal bone, parotid and other salivary glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands, bones nerves and blood vessels of the neck, and skin of the head-neck area, including melanoma. Our experts, Dr Yash Devckar and Dr Kaustubh Sarvade help the people by providing the best Oncosurgery to the patients.

Various Onco surgery options of Acme Hospitals

Laser technology :

Our doctors use laser treatment options to cure early-stage tumors in this process. Basically, the tumor in the larynx will be removed by laser technologies. By using advanced equipment, our doctors remove the cancer-causing tumor.

Excision :

The cancer-causing tumor and damaged tissues are removed from the neck area in this process. Our experts and surgeons remove the tumor to protect the patient from cancer with special care and technologies.

Neck Dissection :

In some cases, our doctors adopt this surgery option. If cancer spreads all over the neck, our specialists remove the lymph nodes in the neck and prevent the patient from further cancer.

Reconstructive Surgery :

In significant cases, our doctors adopt reconstructive surgery. Our experts provide plastic or reconstructive surgery for severe tissue removal from Jawline, skin, and tongue. Our doctor replaced the missing parts of those areas with plastic surgery. Additionally, our exceptional care helps people to recover from any problem quickly. We use special techniques and the latest equipment to do these surgeries

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