Foetal Medicine

Foetal Medicine

The Acme Hospitals is a facility that specializes in all prenatal screenings required to keep track of a developing fetus's health. We care for pregnant women by doctors who have experience in ultrasound scanning and fetal medicine. So celebrate your motherhood with India's leading Foetal medicine centre.

The Acme Hospitals provides a wide range of services. This includes fetal scans, intrauterine procedures, genetic services, counseling for complicated pregnancies, including emotional counseling, gynecological scans and procedures.

The combination of skilled, highly Advanced technology with the latest machines united with proficient doctors makes Acme Hospitals the leading Fetal Medicine Hospital.

We recognize the dangers to both the mother and the unborn child if suitable medical facilities are unavailable. Our maternal-fetal medicine team, mostly known as MEF in medical terms, specializes in high-risk pregnancies and the out-of-the-ordinary. We also collaborate with other specialties doctors if the expectant mothers have chronic health issues. As her body transforms and her baby grows inside, we make every effort to offer her a homey feeling.

We are always ready to assist parents dealing with unforeseen pregnancy concerns such as premature labour, haemorrhage, or hypertension.

We're the go-to place for pregnant moms who end up in the hospital for whatever reason, whether it's an accident or the onset of a kidney infection.

In other cases, the infant is the one who faces the uncertainties. Suppose any congenital disabilities or growth difficulties are discovered within the womb. In that case, treatment can begin premature birth with monitoring, blood transfusions, and surgery to provide the best possible care for kids until they are ready to enter the world.

We work as a team with the expecting mother, her family, and her medical team to navigate the unexpected and reach the greatest possible result.

We see families with unusual pregnancies in the past, mothers who have chronic health disorders, and pregnant women who have unforeseen complications. We collaborate with our experiences, trained doctors, and cutting-edge technology. These factors combined provide us with the most remarkable results, making us India's top foetal medical centre.

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